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Let's vote for suggestions and bugs
02-27-2021, 07:43 PM
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RE: Let's vote for suggestions and bugs
(02-27-2021 02:00 PM)essen Wrote:  [snip]
Because of all these bugs in it, this calculator has been a toy for students. Looking at threads one mainly see students using it for showing plots and integration problems. Unfortunately no other calculator have an advanced programming option like HP Prime - presupposed its programming were error free.

The Prime was designed and marketed exclusively for students, though as a side-effect it also has some useful capabilities for other Math and Engineering uses.

HP's Market Positioning has always addressed education as it's sole aim, as an extension of the earlier 38G/39G/40G, etc. series of machines.

If you have mistakenly assumed the Prime was intended for you to use for other, non-educational purposes, that doesn't mean it's non-well suited for those, it only means you have assumed wrong and you seem to be angry at the Prime and HP for your bad choice.

Also, though I personally don't believe all the commands that you mention "do not function anymore - after the upgrade", if you believe it's true, why don't you just go back to the prior version of f/w that seemed to make you happier.

(02-27-2021 02:00 PM)essen Wrote:  I' am convinced that the only remedy to all these errors are, to build in to the Prime a full HP48 (or HP50) to the Prime. So arranged that we can choose it.
We need the speed of the Prime. And we need the genial RPL programming language developed by William Vickes. His work was brilliant and unsurpassed.

There will never be a full RPL available for the Prime; HP has said so clearly and publicly, so wishing for it won't help to make it so, even if you are convinced. But I'll also add that I fully agree this would be a wonderful thing, even if I am now 6-7 years past wishing so here in these same pages.

--Bob Prosperi
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