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A few questions:
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RE: A few questions:
(03-29-2022 05:55 PM)LodSb Wrote:  1) How would I solve a system of equations to find the intersecting points of a circle and a line? If I use the solve app, it only gives me the points for one intersection, of the two that there are. Any idea how I would do this?

Two of the built-in apps come to mind. With the Advanced Graphing app, this could be done by
  1. entering “(X-2)^2+(Y-2)^2=5” and “2*X+Y=4” for V1 and V2 (in the Symbolic view) and then
  2. going to the Plot view and selecting Trace / PoI / Intersections with V2 (assuming the trace cursor is on V1; the d-pad can be used to go between the two intersections); or, to see the values in a table:
  3. go to the Numeric view and select Trace / PoI / Intersections of V1 and V2 . (The app only scans the current plot area, so you’ll want to first ensure both intersections are visible in the Plot view.)

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