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Period in integer answers?
08-25-2022, 07:16 PM
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RE: Period in integer answers?
(08-25-2022 06:56 AM)rancom Wrote:  Sorry if this is a noobish question among this community, please bear with me as I'm new to the computation world.

I've noticed for some calculations where I'm expecting an integer answer, it will return the expected integer followed by a period. Happened a few times, always ignored. But now that it came up again I'm curious if it means anything. For instance, this just happened to me.

subst((5*x+3)*(x-2)*(3*x+7)*(x+5),x=-6/3)) --> 84.

I ran this command again by up up enter enter. This time it returned 84 without the period.
Then I ran this command again by retyping, and it also returned 84 without the period.

So it seems like this is a random event. Has anyone experienced this and know what triggered this and why?

Edit: I'm using the latest emulator.

On some calculators it means that the answer is supposed to be an integer but isn't quite. There are hidden digits but the rounded display value is an integer.


if your calculator displays 10 digits but calculates to 13,


Will display as

11. (note the decimal point)

You can try to check this by subtracting the actual integer from the displayed answer and see if you get 0.

Tom L
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