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Scratch built RPN programmers calculator
09-14-2022, 10:52 AM
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RE: Scratch built RPN programmers calculator
(09-14-2022 01:06 AM)BobVA Wrote:  Click through to Simon's blog to see the multi-level OLED stack display - reminds me of a 9100!

[Image: SB116-Screens.jpg]

[Image: 9100bdss.jpg]

(09-14-2022 08:04 AM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  I also like the display very much, even if it is not a true OLED display. A real OLED display is composed of individual LEDs, one for each pixel. This one is an LCD screen with an organic diode for backlighting. Otherwise it would be a lot more expensive (the display of this calculator can be found at Aliexpress for 15$/Euros).

Link for the lazy:
[Image: 030526LV_10_308_1024x1024.jpg]
Well, not to Aliexpress but to DIY MORE instead.
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