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Scratch built RPN programmers calculator
09-14-2022, 11:40 AM
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RE: Scratch built RPN programmers calculator

(09-14-2022 10:52 AM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  Well, not to Aliexpress but to DIY MORE instead.

Just an observation:
Interestingly, Diymore, who are in China, also have a store on Aliexpress. The price tag is more or less the same, but for people like myself who live in the EU, it is much more convenient to order through their Aliexpress store. Because VAT and shipping are already included in the price and the parcel is delivered to me and not to a customs office!

I have in the past already bought some items from Diymore and had no issues at all with them.


NB: And another thing for those who think about building this or a similar calculator. The Arduino Nano it uses is quite limited in memory size and the library required for the dot matrix display already uses a lot of that. An alternative could be the "Arduino Nano Every". It is a direct replacement to the Nano, same size and also 5V logic, but uses a different microcontroller (ATMega4809) with almost twice as much memory and a higher clock speed. It is more expensive and there are fewer (or none?) cheap chinese clones on the market.
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