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Library 4 rom questions - 41CL related
07-29-2014, 08:55 PM
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Library 4 rom questions - 41CL related
Some Library 4 questions for the 41CL. I ask some of these questions in case future people might have the same questions.

1) 4AOS is the older AMC-OSX Library 4 rom, correct? It seems the OSX3 is the good, current bank-switched Library 4 rom image that “should” be used.

2) The PLUGP function on the 41CL plugs a rom image into page 6 aka the Printer ROM page. The 41CL manual indicates Hepax and PowerCL as the only rom images that “play nice” at that location. Question: Is that the PWRL image or the PWRX image? Speaking of PWRX (Power CL Extreme), I can’t find documentation for that anywhere. Is it located online and if so where? Does PWRX play nice at page 6 or just PWRL?

3) The SM33 rom image is two pages, each of which is bank-switched and also Library 4 required. SM33 in alpha and PLUG2 would work and put both bank-switched pages into the system, correct? (assuming Library 4 is already there of course).

4) Same question for 4ADV. It is two bank-switched pages and so 4ADV in alpha and PLUG3 would work?

5) The rom image 4MTI is matrix and polynomial rom for Library 4 aware situations. The 41CL manual revision date for 4MTI is 12/15/12, while the Lib-4 Adv Matrix rom 4ADV revision date is 1/25/13. 4ADV is not a revision of 4MTI, correct? These are separate roms, not an update?

In a Library 4 situation, JMTX is obsolete and so is MTRA and MTRX, correct?

6) I also have my eyes open for some docs for the FSSY rom? Big Smile

7) Not a Lib 4 question, but does anyone have info on the Spreadsheet rom? SHTZ?
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