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What am I doing wrong - HP42 (DM42)
10-03-2022, 04:32 PM
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What am I doing wrong - HP42 (DM42)
I have a DM42 HP42 clone which is very nicely made but I am having some problems
which I am sure is something I am doing wrong because I have been using an HP28C
until it recently became too intermittent to rely on.

I have the calculator in DECM mode and SCI 10 display mode.

If I do this: 10 [ENTER] 2 [DIVIDE] I get (predictably) a result of 5

If I do this: 6.022 E 23 [ENTER] 2 [DIVIDE] I get an INVALID DATA message.

What is my feeble overly excited to have a cool new calculator brain doing wrong?
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