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What am I doing wrong - HP42 (DM42)
10-05-2022, 05:07 AM
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RE: What am I doing wrong - HP42 (DM42)
(10-04-2022 04:37 AM)Didier Lachieze Wrote:  A hint that you are in BASE mode: a long press on the divide key will show BASE÷ instead of ÷

To make matters even more confusing: it is possible to put the calculator in BINM, OCTM, or HEXM mode without being in the BASE menu, by executing the BINM, OCTM, or HEXM functions using XEQ or using the FCN catalog. In those states, number input will be in the selected mode — although without having the A through F keys available for hexadecimal entry — but the arithmetic keys will perform their usual, non-BASE functions.

And for a final twist, observe what happens when you turn on WRAP mode (MODES -> BWRAP) and then calculate 6.022e23 ENTER 2 ÷ with the BASE menu active. In WRAP mode, the BASE functions still operate on integer inputs, but instead of complaining when the inputs are outside of the range given by WSIZE, they ignore the bits to the left of the maximum word length, and that can lead to even more surprising results if you're not aware what is going on.
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