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Square Root: Digit by Digit Algorithm
11-27-2022, 10:44 PM
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RE: Square Root: Digit by Digit Algorithm
(11-25-2022 09:30 AM)brouhaha Wrote:  Arbitrary precistion, but still limited, though there may not be a specific limit set by the language implementation. (I haven't actually looked at how the implementation defines the length, but if there's a fixed-length field that specifies the length of the variable-length number, then there is an implementation limit, though it might be bigger than the amount of DRAM in existence.)

Egbert said "in current computers numbers can be expressed only to a limited number of digits", implying the possibility of computers in some other era (as opposed to "current") that can express numbers to an unlimited number of digits. I can't even begin to imagine how that could be done.

Clearly everything will be limited by RAM, or the number of atoms in the Universe, but that aside it's been discussed before.
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