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48SX options
04-08-2023, 12:23 PM
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RE: 48SX options

(04-07-2023 03:28 PM)Phrede Wrote:  Does HP have a lock on RPN?

There never was any serious competition to HP in the sector of RPN calculators so I would say so. But there are not many models still in production or available in shops now (HP-12C, HP-35s (maybe out of production according to some threads here) and HP Prime). And most important of all, HP sold off it's entire calculator business. For Europe, it is now "Moravia" who get them produced and distribute them, the name of the company which does it for the Americas I have forgotten.

(04-07-2023 03:28 PM)Phrede Wrote:  Used market for scientific types?

Plenty on eBay and Amazon, both new and used. Prices are bordering on the insane though.

(04-07-2023 03:28 PM)Phrede Wrote:  Is this a common issue with a magical quick fix?

Yes: common. No: Magical fix

(04-07-2023 03:28 PM)Phrede Wrote:  Is HP repair available


If I were you I would probably order an HP Prime from Amazon (if programmable graphics calculators are allowed in your exam), you'll pay somthing like 130 Dollars for it and have it on monday. Leaves you time to get used to it. Otherwise you can do the same with an HP-35s, but it is not remotely worth the crazy price they ask for it.

And if I myself had to do that exam in two weeks I would either use an HP from my collection (but not the 48SX because it sufferes from the same display issues than yours) or use one of the excellent products of the competion even if this involves the occasional pressing of an "=" key :-)

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