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Hp50Emu48 g vs Swiss Micro DM42
04-15-2023, 02:32 PM
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RE: Hp50Emu48 g vs Swiss Micro DM42
Hi, here's my view
The DM42 is for real and complex numerical calculations. Some limited matrix functions. But it has a very nice screen, and is very fast compared to the original hp42s. If you still need more speed, run the same programs on a free42 on a phone. And there is the physical size which is very neat.
On the other hand, if you write programs in C for the HP50G in hpgcc3 and load it on the physical HP50g you get a speedup of about 100x as it is no emulator, and it utilises the arm cpu (overclock it to 120MHz). Which is also about 20-30x faster than any asm written on the calculator. For any "challenges" I simply consider this cheating. This is good for pure numerical stuff. No access to the CAS. The number of people actively doing this are next to zero, so there are no fun discussions. And you need to install a non standard rom.The HP50gEmu48
is probably somewhat faster, but not by much, as it is far less efficient.
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