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41CL function request - is this possible? If so, how?
08-18-2014, 08:43 PM
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41CL function request - is this possible? If so, how?
Here’s what I’d like to see how to do on the 41CL. Not sure it can be done? Ha ha.

I have one or more ROMs plugged into port 4, upper, lower or one in both ports (i.e., an 8K, two page rom). I’m using port 4 as an example. Ideally, it could work anywhere.

1) I want to be able to programmatically unplug whatever is in port 4.
2) I want to plug another ROM in and execute a function in that newly plugged in ROM.
3) And then I want to have the program restore whatever was plugged in before.

And, I’d really like to have this occur without the program having to be aware of what is presently in port 4.

For example, I like the RF (Reset Flags) routine in the PPCM rom. It allows me to clean up the

I’d like a program to do something like this:

01 LBL Blah
04 PLUG4

which would leave the 41CL in exactly the original state, whatever that was. Essentially, it would unplug whatever was in there, allow you to execute a function, subroutine, etc., in a newly plugged in ROM image, and then restore whatever was plugged in previously.

Alternatively, some function could save ALL pages from 8 to F someplace, and another function could then plug them all in again.

Does what I hope to do make sense?

If so, the next question then … Is this possible?
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