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Casio fx85GTPLUS 40 plus digit accuracy
05-16-2023, 12:32 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2023 12:34 PM by EdS2.)
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RE: Casio fx85GTPLUS 40 plus digit accuracy
Yes, a nice idea for a mini-challenge! Perhaps something like

Quote:Find a fraction with a specific length of repeating decimal digits. You have a maximum total of 9 digits for both numerator and denominator. The aim is to get a 99 byte representation, or the largest that doesn't exceed 99, where each digit of the answer, and the decimal point, and each digit of the recurring part, each cost one byte.

For example, 1/44 uses only 3 digits - less than 9, so that's OK.
The decimal expansion is 0.0227... which is 0.02 then recurring 27. So that's 5 bytes for the number, one for the decimal point, and two more for the recurring part. Total score 8 bytes, which is very far short of the 99 bytes target.

But 1/47 is 0.many where many is 46 recurring digits, so that costs 47 + 1 + 46, a score of 94 bytes. Much better!

Edit: found an answer by trial and error: gelbaruhaqerqnaqavargrraguf (rot13)
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