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Comments in DM32 program listings
06-11-2023, 12:40 PM
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RE: Comments in DM32 program listings
(06-11-2023 12:32 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  
(06-11-2023 05:27 AM)Rolief_Rechner Wrote:  Thank you for discovering this.
I don't possess one yet, so I lack knowledge.
If stored program is brought back to RAM, comments are lost.
But comments take no memory.
If they do not exist to memory, there is nothing to store.
Then they should be assigned memory, to be saved.
Perhaps SM can work on this in an update.

Regards - RR

Just in case I was not clear, the comments are saved, in the "state" file, which is stored in the DM32's flash memory. When that state file is loaded into RAM, the comments are stripped away, because they are not needed there. But they remain intact in the state file, where programmers can read them on their PC's. Bottom line: the comments are not lost, but they take no RAM space... a win/win situation.

One small point of clarification - if you make any changes to the State File, and save the changed file, all comments would be lost in that copy, but of course you still have the original file with comments intact on your PC where it was created.

--Bob Prosperi
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