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who remembers this old calculator?
08-31-2014, 05:54 PM
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RE: who remembers this old calculator?
I've never heard of this calculator, so thank you for introducing it to us. In an issue of "Kiplinger's Personal Finance" from July 1973 I could find a price of $279.00 for the VICTOR MEC/1. Thus I assume the price for the VICTOR MEC/2 was similar.

On most actual 4-bangers you don't have to press the [=] key prior to [M+]. Thus to calculate the total of your example you could just enter:

4 [×] 12 [M+]
2 [×] 9 [M+]
3 [×] 5 [M+]

Would that work with the VICTOR MEC/2 as well?

Two things that I find remarkable are:
  • The position of the [=] key between [÷] [] and [+] [×].
  • Calculating the discount or taxes uses RPN.


PS: Your other videos about the Enigma Mark 4 Replica were interesting as well.
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