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Need recommendation for EPROM eraser
09-08-2023, 06:40 PM
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RE: Need recommendation for EPROM eraser
I had posted this YouTube video earlier:

I contacted the person in the video and asked the following: "For us electronic novices, what household battery source or plug in wall adapter can we use to produce 100 milliwatts? Also, the ebay listing offers several types of UV LEDs. What are the specifications of what we need to order. Thank you!"

His reply was: "The wavelength of the led is the important thing to get right, when buying an led. With regards to the power supply, use 12v regulator, and use an led calculator online to work out the value of a current limiting resistor to safely limit the power into the led."

While I am grateful for the prompt reply, unfortunately for me this isn't helpful because I have no idea which UV LED to select from the listing on the ebay offering, and what power source (battery, AC adapter, etc.) I can use to power the LED without damaging it. I don't have the knowledge level of electronics to properly understand his reply in a manner that is helpful to me - very novice.

Can anyone help by deciphering his reply into what I need to acquire and use as a power source?

Thank you

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