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Casio Calculator Performance Index Report
09-09-2023, 03:54 PM
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RE: Casio Calculator Performance Index Report
(09-09-2023 01:00 PM)Steve Simpkin Wrote:  For reference, here are two other calculator performance benchmarks. The Casio fx-9860GIII is included in the Summation benchmark. It is fairly speedy for a relatively inexpensive model (U.S. pricing), as long as you don't use Casio BASIC. It predecessor, the Casio fx-9860GII, scores really high in the N-Queens benchmark when programmed in assembly.

Calculator Speed Benchmark using the N-Queens Problem

Summation based benchmark for calculators

On the Savage benchmark (Byte 1985 #11 Inside the IBM PCs, pages 67-88)
the Casio gets 2500.000000001178 in about 4.5 seconds! This is quite accurate and very fast compared to the computers tested in the article.
Of course, the Casio doesn't run a standard BASIC but it does run MicroPython which I'm now using to compare all current and future calculators.

One great thing about current calculators (HP, TI, Casio, etc.) is that we can run the benchmarks in a common language (MicroPython). This gives a much more accurate comparison of the hardware than using each calculator's native interpreter or machine language. In those cases, you aren't really comparing the hardware directly. It's true that each calculator has its own implementation of MicroPython but the similarities are much greater than comparing TI-Basic to Casio Basic to HPPL, or whatever. I used to evaluate hardware from various vendors (everything from mainframes to programmable calculators) for a US government agency. Many times people would give me a system to evaluate and not specify what language to use. They couldn't understand the importance of standardizing the benchmarking language. I tried to explain that benchmarking is a science rather than an art but they just didn't seem to get it. Oh well, I got paid enormous amounts of money for my work even if very few people knew exactly what I did!

from math import *
for i in range(1,2500):

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