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41CL/Time Module "Correct" doesn't?
09-27-2014, 07:20 AM
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RE: 41CL/Time Module "Correct" doesn't?
(09-26-2014 09:27 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  In the 41CX Owner's Manual (August 1983 English edition), Volume 2, page 238, it says "the time span between uses of CORRECT should be 1 week or more."

Also, the entire Appendix F (pages 374-378) is about the clock's accuracy. The last footnote at the bottom of page 375 says, "The longer you wait to execute CORRECT, the smaller the error due to keystroke variation becomes in proportion to any error resulting from a combination of all error factors. A practical time span for many applications is 1 week." On the next page, it says "Remember that increasing the time span between execution of SETIME and CORRECT and execution of the next CORRECT will result in a more precise accuracy factor."

Ah... only a week. I do recall the keystroke delay being the issue with frequent CORRECTs. Perhaps my months where just my natural caution :-). Trying to synchro a keypress a fraction of a second before the due time to counteract the delay in processing was always fun, especially if you held the key down too long and Nulled your CORRECT.
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