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Test Leads for HP 3468A/B DMM
09-03-2014, 12:34 AM
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Test Leads for HP 3468A/B DMM
I recently got a very nice 3468B on TAS for a great price. Although in great shape with intact calibration, it did not come with test leads.

I naively then bought a set of Extech test leads via Amazon, assuming they all had compatible plugs; after all it said it worked with HP and Fluke models. Not so for my model.

It appears to me the 3468 accepts normal shrouded banana plugs, however the diameter of the hole surrounding the plug is too small to accept the shroud, at least on the Extech ones.

I also got a set of "Fluke compatible" leads from a TAS seller, for $1.97 including shipping from China! (and it arrived in a week in perfect shape - how the heck do they do that for < $2 ??)

Can someone recommend/suggest appropriate leads to use with this DMM?

I don't need anything fancy, but pointed tips, micro-clips and alligator clips would all be nice for different uses.

Opinions and advice welcome.

--Bob Prosperi
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