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Just got my first palmtop - 200LX
09-15-2014, 07:43 PM
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RE: Just got my first palmtop - 200LX
Some other important hot-keys:

You can use Fn-Space (zoom) to adjust the font size for DOS programs. For the zoomed-in modes, use Fn-Arrow Keys to pan the display around. There's also a command line program that will turn on/off automatic cursor tracking in the zoomed modes.

Also, press fn-* and fn-/ to select from a couple different "color" palettes for CGA emulation. This helps immensely for some programs. One of those key combos inverts the display, and the other selects a different mapping of colors. I forget which is which.

You may also want to preemptively reinforce the right hinge, as they are prone to developing hairline cracks with repeated use. These cracks gradually develop into something decidedly less hairline... On mine, I cut a small piece out of a metal 3.5" floppy disk shutter, and super glued it firmly over the location of the tiny crack that was developing. If you're willing to tear the machine apart (not terribly easy), there are less-visible fixes possible from the inside, but this works fine for me.

I'd also suggest getting a book on Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.4 from some place like Amazon. It's a remarkably powerful and efficient spreadsheet.
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