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(15C) Speed of Sound in Air
04-11-2024, 01:26 PM (This post was last modified: 04-12-2024 11:19 AM by Gil.)
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RE: (15C) Speed of Sound in Air
With the above formulae and data, and applying 1st order Taylor development (to get rid of the square root), you get this easy to remember formulae, and very simple to apply without a calculator:

c[m/s] about 331.3 + 0.61×T[in Celsius] or
c[m/s] about 331+ 0.6×T[in Celsius].

For Fahrenheit
c[m/s] about 320.6+ 1/3×T[in Fahrenheit] or
c[m/s] about 321+T/3[in Fahrenheit].

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