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200LX Hinge Lubricant
10-11-2014, 10:40 PM (This post was last modified: 10-12-2014 02:34 AM by cutterjohn.)
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RE: 200LX Hinge Lubricant
...well I won that 200lx and it came via fedex today.

Thing is in almost new condition, as are the manuals, so I guess that I'm a pretty happy camper... now to buy the overlooked CF r/w adapter...

Well fixed that slight overlooked problem by purchasing a cheap trillion-in-1 flash R/W device.

Do the 200lx qualify as "old" HP computers BTW? I mean I see some posts in here about them(e.g.) but...

Off to hack as much as I can on it until I get my comms mechanism... (I can't believe that I forgot about that...)

For the curious I got it for c. $60 + ~$12 shipping... I think that, that's not a bad price, but I'm not tracking these really for profit... so the fact that I'm happy with the price for this is all that matters.

Oh and it's REALLY MINTY, looks almost never used, no cracks, no dirt, one minor scratch, minty manuals with all the extra crap even(warranty/survey/etc cards) Probably be better off in a museum, but, IT"S MINE NOW... }:D
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