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CW 32B work thread
09-29-2014, 08:29 PM
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CW 32B work thread
Here are the preliminary specifications of the CW-32B
Display size: 7x83 dot matrix+15+3 seven segment digits
Display color: Black/Red/Green
Numerical precision: 15 digits
Entry method: RPN, but dot matrix can be set to display textbook notation
Memory: 74 numbers [A…Z, a…z, 0…9, .0….9, theta, (I)]+144 numbers addressed by (I)
Memory arithmetic: + - * / ^
Mode settings: non-volatile
Basic arithmetic + - * / ^ with shortcuts to x^2 sqrt(x) x! % %change %total
Special functions:
Redefinable keyboard: yes
Shift keys: yes
Alphabetic characters: accessible by ALPHA key
Exponentials, Logarithms: base e, 10, y
Trigonometrics: circular, hyperbolic, shortcut for pi tau=2*pi eta=pi/2 sigma=pi/4, degree and radian measure
Types: x, x-weight, x-y, x-y-weight, x-x1-y
Storage: 96 data points
Summation: x, x1, y, x*x1, x*y, x1*y, x*x1*y, x^2, x1^2, y^2
Measures of central tendency: Mean x, x weighted, x1, y, y weighted; population/sample standard deviation x, x weighted, x1, y, y weighted; population/sample standard error x, x weighted, x1, y, y weighted; covariance; Minimum, Q1, Median, Q3, Maximum x, x1, y
Regression models: O(f(x)^4|f(x) in {x^a, 1/O(x^4), e^ax, ln(O(x)), sin(O(x)), sec(O(x)), sinh(O(x)), sech(O(x))})
Probability distributions: same as WP-34S
(Pseudo-)Random Number Generator
Date entry: month/day/year, day/month/year
Date calculations: 30/360, actual/actual
Menus/Prompts: yes—scrolling menus with softkeys
RPN stack roll: bidirectional
Radix mark: selectable ./,
Thousands separator: toggleable
Number formats: FIX/FLOAT
Equation Solver: yes
Absolute value, integer truncation: both
Business/Financial functions:
TVM solvers: standard, odd-period, Canadian, Lunisolar (P/nYR, C/nYR)
TVM shortcuts: n=x*P/YR, i=x/C/YR
Cash flow capacity: 96 groups, unlimited frequency
Cash flow analysis: NPV, NFV, NUS, IRR, MIRR, FMRR, normal/discounted PBP
Bond calculations: all types, price, yield, coupon rate, accrued interest, normal/modified Macaulay duration
Amortization: accumulated interest, balance
Depreciation calculations: Standard/French Straight line, Declining balance with or without crossover, Sum of Years’ digits, French Amortization, US Accelerated Cost Recovery System
Markup calculations: percent of cost and price
Break-even analysis: yes
Black-Scholes equation: yes
Interest rate conversions: yes
Programming features:
Storage: 576 steps
Display: yes
Flow control:
Branch target: addressed by step number or label
Unconditional branching: yes
Conditional branching: any
Subroutines: GSB step number, XEQ label
Loops: any
Addressing: direct and indirect
Flags: yes
As you can see, I am up in the air about whether the calculator should be keystroke programmable or use a more sophisticated, computer-like, programming language and whether it should have one or two shift keys. What do you all think about these issues?
One thing about the key layout of the CW-32B:
Since I conceive it as being fundamentally a programmable calculator, the CW-32B will have a row of keys dedicated to programming functions, that much is undebatable.
Here is what the key row will look like:
Unshifted: P/R|GOTO |LBL |?x=|IS? |SOLVE|FLAGS
The menus will be:
Shift+GOSUB+4—1 XEQ, 2 XEQT, 3 XEQF
?x=—1 ?=, 2 ?≈, 3 ?≥, 4 ?≳, 5 ?≤, 6 ?≲
Shift+?≠—1 ?≠, 2 ?≉, 3 ?<, 4 ?>
IS?—1 ISE, 2 ISA, 3 ISG
Shift+DS?—1 DSE, 2 DSA, 3 DSL
FLAGS—1 SF, 2 CF, 3 TF
FLAGS+1—1 SF, 2 SFT, 3 SFF
FLAGS+2—1 CF, 2 CFT, 3 CFF
FLAGS+3—1 TF, 2 TFT, 3 TFF, 4 TFI
What do you all think of this layout?
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