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CASIO FX-730P Personal Computer, Japan, year 1988
10-11-2014, 04:47 PM
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CASIO FX-730P Personal Computer, Japan, year 1988
Recently I have acquired this nice CASIO FX-730P Personal Computer, made in Japan.

The manufacturing year should be near the end of 1988.
Why 1988?

Well, I have dismantled it, almost piece by piece, to clean it and of course to have a peek and see the inner details.

IMHO, these are properly well engineered machines, using good quality plastic and aluminum materials in the case, independent hard plastic keys, 15 steel screws to fix all together, and despite using modern SMD devices, all components are adequately soldered, so here we do not see cost saving pressure contacts for the LCD display nor plastic fused rivets to join components.

I'm impressed by the build quality and attention to details that Japanese manufacturers used to have in the late 80's, whatever the manufacturing plant they used (despite the "Made in Japan" notice in the back cover, probably the machine was already assembled in China).

Looking to the components, I see manufacturing dates like:

- Power Supply Capacitor, ELNA (what a great brand for caps!), 100uF, 16V, Year 87, week 35;
- HD61747B27 IC1 and HD61747B27B28 IC2 (CPU/KB/DISPLAY/RAM/ROM), year 88, week 43.
- MB64H193 (GATE ARRAY IO/MEMORY_CONTROLLER), year 87, week 48;
- HM6264ALFP-50 (RAM 8KBYTE CMOS STATIC MEMORY), year 87, week 44;
- TC4071BF (QUAD 2-INPUT OR GATE), year 88, week 04;

Images: Part 1

[Image: CASIO_FX-730P_01.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_02.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_03.JPG]

[Image: CASIO_FX-730P_04.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_05.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_06.JPG]

[Image: CASIO_FX-730P_07.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_08.JPG] [Image: CASIO_FX-730P_09.JPG]

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