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[WP 31s] difficulty with STO/ RCL X Y Z T
10-19-2014, 05:26 PM
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[WP 31s] difficulty with STO/ RCL X Y Z T
Hi Everyone,

my WP 31s works fantastic, just one thing I can't figure out:
How does STO/ RCL work with registers X to T?

The preliminary owners manual version 1.2q says on page 30:
"Note that you will not need [f] in αT except for addressing the four lowest stack registers." [i.e. X, Y, Z, T] I understand that for X to T, I do need [f].

So what I do is:
RCL [f] [y] to recall the Y register. Instead I get the content of R2. Effectivly,
the calculator seems to ignore the [f] key in this situation. In this situation,
the f indicator does not light up in the display, normally it does.

What am I doing wrong?
My firmware version is 3671. Thanks everybody for advise and of course for this very nice calculator.

Kind regards, Stephan
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