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Elektronika MK-52: The MK-61 big brother?
02-16-2022, 08:31 AM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2022 10:11 PM by Paul87.)
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RE: Elektronika MK-52: The MK-61 big brother?
Luckily bought working MK-52. It was not easy finding as soviet programmable calculators are almost disappeared from second hand market even in Eastern Europe.
These items were expensive and soviet people were very practical so it was rare to have it in family except for some students and engineers.
And still it were more common than early personal computers (ZX Spectrum or similar clones). Folks loved to enter gaming codes from technical magazines and play with Mk-61 or MK-52.
There still exists great web site with game codes

I tried to make roll the dice algorithm and here it is:
Kсч B↑ 6 X B↑ 1 + B↑ K[x] C/П
Code check sum: 3L 0E 06 12 0E 01 10 0E 34 50
After entering prog. and returning to auto mode, X register has to be filled with random number from 0 to 1, e.g. 0.3521452 (for making randomised numbers sequence). And then to clear counter B/0 and start prog. C/П. Repeating roll the dice: B/0 C/П.

(01-24-2020 07:32 PM) Wrote:  I have written a simple proggie to roll a dice using a super simple implementation of a "Middle Squares" psuedo random number generator, which creates seeds for the internal psuedo random number generator.

Willing to share here if there is any interest.

Is your algorithm similar? I saw different implementation in Youtube where code loops from 1 to 6 continuosly and program has to be stopped manually after random time.

Tried to write code to EPROM. I found that it not worked with plugged in AC adapter nor used batteries. After replacing AA batteries (1,5V x 4) with fresh ones, were able to clear and rewrite EPROM.

[Image: mk52dice.jpg]
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