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Infinite definite integral
11-08-2014, 11:40 PM
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Infinite definite integral
On the WP 34S, if consecutive screen updates increase by what appears to be a constant increment, can I take this to mean that the integral is infinite? If the screen updates are by smaller and smaller increments, does this mean that the integral coverges? Or are there exceptions to both cases?

What prompts this is int(x/(1-sqrt(x)) from 0 to 1. This should be infinite. My WP 34S (at least my WP 34S app on my I-pad) stops at 37.8151, was increasing with increments of ~2.77.

I'm amazed at how close to 1 one can get, and still have a fairly small area, far from infinity....from 0 to 1-1EE12 produces something 50 or 60ish!
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