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HP 110 - Known Screen Problems ?
11-25-2014, 05:20 PM
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RE: HP 110 - Known Screen Problems ?
If you're adept with soldering and can find the old parts, the '110 has been modified in the past to give it 512k of RAM instead of the standard 272k. The extra RAM is useable as a fixed sized RAM disk in addition to the standard resizable RAM disk. The result is you can partition the 272k as RAM and the added 240k as RAM disk.

I no longer have the instructions on that as my '110 and all documentation was given away a few years back. If there is interest, I could ask the recipient to scan the instructions for the modification as well as the small program that creates the RAM disk.

Of course, the chips available have changed radically since circa 1985 so anyone familiar with microprocessor electronics could readily add to the motherboard to create a massive RAM or flash disk with very little added electronics and code. Anyone care to dive into that? A '110 or Portable Plus with a micro-SD card would be a heck of a portable note taker, considering their 20 hour battery life, instant on and off, full size full travel real keyboards and such...
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