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WP43S, may I contribute?
12-10-2014, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2014 10:08 PM by BarryMead.)
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RE: WP43S, may I contribute?
One consideration that no one has brought up in this thread, is that perhaps by selecting a pre-built high-frequency micro-controller assembly such as this one , or this one might be able to get around the FCC or other international RF certification requirements. If the kit included only the preassembled Keyboard/Display/Case assemblies, the Keyboard/Display assemblies may not require FCC / Internnational RF certification as they are not operating at high frequencies. This might eliminate the problem of US ONLY markets and make the calculator available to a worldwide sales base again.

You could sell ONLY the "Keyboard/Display/Case" assembly, and ask users to supply their own pre-certified micro-controller and downloaded firmware, to complete the kit. This would shift the cost of Certification off to those who make
thousands of boards not hundreds.

One would have to investigate the "Battery Life" of such an assembly. If a Pre-Certified microcontroller assembly exists that satisfies the computational speed, I/O, sleep/wake, Sleep Persistent calculator state SRAM, and Battery Life requirements, it would be wise to consider using it instead of designing a custom unit if only to shift the certification costs to someone who can better amortize the costs over thousands of units.

Any thoughts?
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