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emu71 - Hello World to ILVideo - HowTo ?
12-10-2014, 06:36 PM
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RE: emu71 - Hello World to ILVideo - HowTo ?
(12-10-2014 06:18 PM)mstram Wrote:  I have emu71 (Windows Version), IlVideo and ILctrl all running.

I can send a msg from ILctrl to IlVideo from the 'Data' dropdown.

Now how do I send from the emu71 to Ilvideo ?

Can the emu71 dos version talk to the IlPer / IlVideo utilities ?

I have virtual com ports software running, if that helps.


Get the HP-IL address of the video display.

For example if the address is 3, on Emu71, type "DISPLAY is :3" (wihtout quotes), which makes the device at HP-IL address 3 act as the system display.

Note: At work, so I can't try it, but it should work.

If not, get the Device ID string using V$=DEVID$(:V), [again use the address, not actually "V"] then type "DISPLAY IS V$" wihtout the quotes

Lastly (or even firstly), you can try "DISPLAY IS DISPLAY", but I don't know if the virtual ILVideo has the proper HP-IL device attributes; knowing Christoph, I imagine it is correct.

Good luck, and please report results.

--Bob Prosperi
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