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01-26-2015, 01:28 PM
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RE: website... where are the calculators?
(01-26-2015 06:57 AM)Jedidiah Smith Wrote:  The strange thing is, you'd think they would have a nice little link or button (maybe a picture of the Prime or 35 or something popular that is clickable) directly on - and that would take people right to

I'm not answering for them, but I think the answer is actually pretty simple. Calculators make up far less than 1% of HP's annual sales; every product group vies for some space on the home page, which is pretty spartan to begin with. I would never expect to see calculators on the hp home page, except perhaps for a short period announcing some exceptional event, such as the launch of the Prime. (I don't think they did - TW? Just saying it would have to be some special event to do so).

I figure I share opinions when I don't agree with HP, I may as well do so when I do agree as well.

--Bob Prosperi
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