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WP34s Differential Time and shift
02-13-2015, 02:47 AM
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RE: WP34s Differential Time and shift
(02-10-2015 06:35 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:  
(02-09-2015 11:51 PM)Katie Wasserman Wrote:  I used a trimmer cap for that. Here's a thread showing what it looks like. Not pretty but effective.

hi Katie, nice to meet you, and thanks! I was hoping for a pic like that... 'preciate it! Well, its like my dad used to tell me when we would fly together (SuperCub) back in the 70's (after bouncing to a landing in a cross wind, followed by a wing-tip ground loop)... "son, any landing you walk away from is a good landing!" Amen.
So, any circuit that gets the job done (effective) is beautiful! I noticed the stuff you did with the printer... did the 'pull' up of the crystal affect the ability to IR print in any way? yes, I was hoping the timing would be at least as precise as a Timex watch, but on the other hand (and this is important) the WP34s is the only calc I have that has timing at ALL!


Nice to (sort of) meet you too Marcus! The IR is sensitive to timing and modulation frequency but not to anywhere near the extent it's possible to pull a crystal. In fact I can get the HP IR printer to work using an RC clocked microcontroller with frequency variations up to 2%. The verbage in the IR printer specs about the tight timing accuracy needed is just to maximize the range. It'll work with all sorts timing inaccuracies.


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