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Calendar calculations
03-07-2015, 08:08 PM
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Calendar calculations
Good evening,

Sometimes it is important to know in which number-week is a date of appointement, or a delivery post, a RDV for work and so on. I have maked this formula, according with ISO 8601 norm :


For example : in what week is 18/06/1582 ?

N°W= DOW(1/1/1582) it is 1
DOY(18/06/1582) it is 169
then : 1+169+5 it is 175, then quotient by 7 it is 25
And because ip(1/5) it is 0
the anser is 25+0=25.
well : the 18/06/1582 is into the week number 25.
Gérard.(I dedicace for Katie because her is gentile).

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