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03-11-2015, 10:55 PM
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RE: PrimeComm
(03-10-2015 06:28 PM)debrouxl Wrote:  
Quote:At least maybe collaborate to get his program fully functional?
Do you have any proof that HP is collaborating neither with Erwin Ried for the PrimeComm with buggy/outdated communication capabilities, nor with myself for the portable, interoperable but still GUI-less libhpcalcs ? Smile

OK, I'm not sure if I just stepped into a "sore spot".
I don't even know what libhpcalcs is.
Looks like it's been around for year and a half. What do you do with it?
No UI?
Prime Comm has formatting, Search and Replace, etc.

I just want something that actually works. And works reliably.
I'm not a long time user (maybe three months).
All I know right now is that the Connectivity Kit has many, many serious flaws and nothing seems to be happening with it. Has caused much grief for me.
Most serious is Missing files when doing Backup/Restore.
If I'm understanding correctly CK has always been a problem.
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