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Number & Grammar (English)
03-14-2015, 08:01 AM
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Number & Grammar (English)
In another thread:

a point was raised concerning number in English grammar.

Here a provisional guideline on the answer:

English grammar recognizes two numbers, "singular" & "other", the second category more often called "plural" - a misnomer, as one element of the group is zero, certainly not a plurality but rather a nullity.

In the thread above the question was whether "none" requires singular or other agreement - a falsely posed question.

"There is none" is correct when talking of milk in the house


"There are none" when discussing how many party guests are still in the flat.

Please forgive me starting a new thread on this topic but the thread above was not about grammar.

Similary, concerning the position of this thread in the Forum, I place it here as part of general math and science etc.
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