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Number & Grammar (English)
03-14-2015, 09:51 AM
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RE: Number & Grammar (English)
(03-14-2015 09:29 AM)Thomas Radtke Wrote:  In the original thread, BruceH pointed me to a link about the origin and use of None (thanks, Bruce!). I think this gives sufficient information to all non-nativ english speakers on that topic.

For about 15 years readers (even Walter!) were able to ignore my many mistakes in using the english language. Please continue to do so :-).

I generally ignore the plethora of English errors - Indeed, I hope all on this Forum consider errors in maths & programming our primary concern.

If the discussion a- or de-scends into a grammar discussion I feel warranted to rebuke. I guess some of the members of the Forum are trying to improve their English.

No one should be deterred from expressing themselves here in English, it's their ideas that are of interest.

And now back to matters more properly positioned on this Forum....
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