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EL9900G Programming
03-23-2015, 03:59 AM
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RE: EL9900G Programming
You might want to look through the archives of MoHPC: try this one.

The Sharp(s) use a tokenized version of BASIC similar to TI BASIC, but with some differences. The ROM image may be upgraded, but you have to have the image, and you need to have the cable (sorry, can't help you with either one).

The cool thing about the sharp is its LCD display... its one of the clearest ever. My EL9200C was one of my favorite calculators, until it stopped booting up this past month (I think it has a bad cap, but that's another story).

The machine is a fairly slow calculator, but its programs run 'fast' relatively. Its fun to play with, but its no HP/ no fully merged fully integrated keystroke programming!

Good luck.


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