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WP34S handheld SLV, ∫ speed
04-15-2015, 06:46 PM (This post was last modified: 04-15-2015 06:49 PM by CR Haeger.)
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WP34S handheld SLV, ∫ speed

Recently purchased/received a preflashed WP34S and hard-copy v3.3 manual. Have enjoyed exploring both and realizing all the HP15C functions/code that I had forgotten (or never learned..).

Using Solve (SLV) and Integration (∫) am I correct in using the following to speed up these functions at the expense of accuracy:

SLV: Include a test (or function) in the program SLV calls that will force the output X to zero when it is "near" zero. I seem to have used g RND with h FIX 03 at the end of the program with some success. I'm also aware that initial guesses matter...

∫: As with the 15C, setting FIX to fewer decimals (say 03 vs 10) speeds things up, as does breaking up functions with "highly variable" versus "flat" regions into pieces.

Thanks for your help.
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