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Dismal Arithmetic & 3 Progs for 49G & Others
05-13-2015, 09:19 AM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2022 06:16 AM by Gerald H.)
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RE: Dismal Arithmetic & 3 Progs for 49G & Others
Given DPLUS & DMULT prompts the question: What does DPOW do?

As repeated addition of n to n produces n, this possibility is discarded as being too dull even for dismals.

Conservatively, repeated multiplication looks like a promising candidate. Here again, single digit powering is of little interest, as eg

5 d^ 300000001 = 5

but for integers > 9 the results become interesting - hopefully not so interesting
that the operation is not regarded as dismal.

So here's a provisional programme using the provisional definition of Dpowering - I name the programme DPOW.

Enter positive integer n to power to positive integer power p, eg





  # FFFF
    FPTR2 ^DupQIsZero?
    FPTR2 ^DupZIsOne?
    PTR 2F3A3
    FPTR2 ^Z>ZH
    FPTR2 ^ZBits
    FPTR2 ^ZBit?
      ID DMULT

Alternative definitions of Dpowering welcome, programmes too.
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