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41CL Hepax question
04-30-2015, 04:02 PM
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41CL Hepax question
Ok, so here's what I was wondering.

Suppose my setup includes the Hepax rom (HEP2) in page 8 and I set up 4K of Hepax ram in page F.

I copy programs I want to that ram page and fill it up.

If I then remove the Hepax rom image from the setup, the 4K ram programs in the Hepax ram page still run and execute. At least, they did a few minutes ago.

So, once you create Hepax ram pages on the 41CL, you can save them to locations in the flash or ram. To use them, is the Hepax rom really not required?

Do you have to have the 4K space of the Hepax rom used or is it only needed to create and fill the hepax ram pages?

Sorry if it is a dumb question.
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