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HP Prime PC-side software no longer runs on Wine?
05-18-2015, 06:15 PM
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HP Prime PC-side software no longer runs on Wine?
I'm wondering if anyone has had any success running the new version of the HP Prime emulator on Wine (the Windows compatibility layer) on GNU/Linux? I have been unsuccessful.

Previous versions of the software have installed fine on Wine, and the emulator update (Calculator menu | Check for Update) has worked fine too.

The calculator loses a lot of its value if it won't work with a PC, and my understanding (hopefully someone will correct me) is that HP are only providing software built for a Windows platform and that there is none for UNIX-like systems like GNU/Linux and Mac OS. Consequently the failure of the latest software to run on a Windows compatibility layer like Wine is a big step backwards.

For completeness I provide details of what went wrong installing the software on Wine.

First of all I tried to run the update from the menu in the Prime emulator (Rev. 6031 of 2014-03-31). When that failed I tried downloading and installing a new version of the emulator (Version 1.20.7820.68) from the HP ftp site but again the install failed.

I get the the error message "0x80070538 - Invalid ACL". Looking at the log, things seem to start out okay, then this happens:

Quote:[0022:0023][2015-05-18T14:33:05]i301: Applying execute package: vcredist_x86EXE, action: Install, path: C:\users\Public\Application Data\Package Cache\18F81495BC5E6B293C69C28B0AC088A96DEBBAB2\vcredist_x86.exe, arguments: '"C:\users\Public\Application Data\Package Cache\18F81495BC5E6B293C69C28B0AC088A96DEBBAB2\vcredist_x86.exe" /quiet /norestart -burn.ancestors={481dacbe-0f9b-414c-995b-fb0bbee4ecc5}'
[0022:0023][2015-05-18T14:33:05]e000: Error 0x80070538: Failed to create the security descriptor for the connection event and pipe.
[0022:0023][2015-05-18T14:33:05]e000: Error 0x80070538: Failed to create embedded pipe.
[0022:0023][2015-05-18T14:33:05]e000: Error 0x80070538: Failed to run bundle as embedded from path: C:\users\Public\Application Data\Package Cache\18F81495BC5E6B293C69C28B0AC088A96DEBBAB2\vcredist_x86.exe
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