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Oddity with fsolve, nSolve, etc.
01-11-2014, 01:06 AM
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Oddity with fsolve, nSolve, etc.
In CAS view,

there appears to be a problem with displaying the zeros of functions with multiple roots, e.g., I ran into this oddity recently:

fsolve(x^3-3*x^2+4=0, x=-1.5..2.5)

nSolve(x^3-3*x^2+4=0, x=-1.5..2.5)

both return [-1 0. 2.] Here the solution 0. is clearly incorrect.

I also find it strange that both the wrong solution 0 and the double root 2 are displayed approximately as 0. and 2., whereas the single root of -1 is displayed exactly (as it should be).


solve(x^3-3*x^2+4=0,x) returns {-1,2}, which is OK, but better would be {-1,2,2}. Same for zeros(x^3-3*x^2+4=0,x) returns [2 -1], but again, better would be [2 2 -1].
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