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Anything like "One-Minute Marvels" for the 41C?
05-25-2015, 10:27 PM
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RE: Anything like "One-Minute Marvels" for the 41C?
(05-25-2015 09:17 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  Are there any similar compilations for the 41? Math routines (GCD, LCM, nCr, nPr, etc.), utilities, stack/register tricks, or anything else would be interesting, both to add functionality, and pick up on some programming techniques.

The PPC ROM is likely your best source for such a collection, though it of course includes much more. The manual alone would be a tremendous source of such gems.

Also, the book "Calculator Tips and Routines" by John Dearing has a lot of this type stuff.

I think both are available on the Museum USB drive, or the TOS collection, which you probably already have (or should have).

Though not quite as condensed, the set of PPC Journals on Jake's DVD likely has every single routine you could ever want. You may have to search harder, but these would typically include thorough documentation as well.

--Bob Prosperi
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