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WP 34S Libraries and Programs
05-26-2015, 11:27 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2015 11:29 PM by AnalogJoe.)
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WP 34S Libraries and Programs
Im really a newbie to the WP 34S and im discovering it has a lot more than I initially would have guessed. So I was trying to use the Matrix editor and I entered XEQ'MED' and sure enough the matrix editor started, I entered the coefficients for the matrix, used the LINEQS command under the MATRIX menu, and I found the answer for the linear system I entered.

However now im 'stuck' in 'MED' mode, everytime I hit 'h' plus 'P/R' I go into program mode but now I can see the program for the matrix editor and I dont know how to go back to the 'empty' program window in which I can enter my own programs. Also, now there is an = sign just left to the BEG legend on the screen which I dont know what it means, Im not talking about the = sign that comes out when in fraction mode, but a bigger = sign just left to BEG.

Ok so thats one of the problems, the other problem is that I was looking at the CAT menu, and I see that aside from 'MED' there are a lot other bundled libraries, which I dont know what they do or how they work. I looked for online and I found this link

But I cant seem to find the same libraries, at least not with the same names as displayed on the calculator without having to go through the entire source code of all the libraries listed there and see if somehow they match the name on the CAT menu. Does any one has a Quick reference guide regarding the CAT menu libraries?

Im sorry for all this questions, im trying hard to look for the answers on my own but many of the answers are just not there.
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