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Has the WP 34s Project or a variant been offered to HP?
05-28-2015, 02:54 PM
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RE: Has the WP 34s Project or a variant been offered to HP?
(05-28-2015 01:02 PM)Marcio Wrote:  
(05-28-2015 04:46 AM)AnalogJoe Wrote:  Agreed about the Prime, yet there's still a need for advanced scientifics, not every school or institution will allow something like a Prime, for example the FE and PE tests wont allow the Prime, so the 35s is still going strong, the WP 34S could be a good candidate to replace it....

Also, not every student can afford a Prime, which is why there is an even bigger market for scientifics than CAS and graphing calculators. I would even dare to bet that for instance Casio has a greater income from their scientific calcs rather than their more advanced graphing calculators.

As you may have noticed, the learning curve on the 34s is quite steep. Most people today, even graduates, prefer algebraic calculators with pretty infix notation and that is probably why Casios and TIs sell well.

Good points imho.

The WP-34S is a excellent project, but it is not that cheap when compared to a HP Prime in my view.

Even if you buy a HP-20B or 30B to re-flash it, on top of the buying price we need to add the cost of the keyboard layouts, plus the cost of materials to build a serial cable, plus the crystal mod, plus the donation for the project, plus the paperback user guide (it is a must if you ant to get the updated version), plus the electronic pdf format up to date user guide recently released.

Overall, I spent well above 90 Euros to build my WP-34S and get the full updated documentation.
It is not what I would call a bargain here in Europe.

And if you buy it ready made, the asking price will be around 70 to 90 Euros plus the shipping costs.
A HP Prime can be bought in Europe for about 100 Euro now, so the difference is not that huge anymore.

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