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Star Trek Continues
06-13-2015, 12:45 AM
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RE: Star Trek Continues
(06-12-2015 11:00 PM)Jlouis Wrote:  Thanks a million to show this. I didn't have a clue of that. It's really amazing.
Not have enough thanks...
Did I say thank you?

A good way to thank these guys is to donate to their "Kirkstarter" the next time they have one.

There is another off-brand trek: Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II. They're on facebook under that name and have all their stuff up on youtube. They've got an impressive resume. They've done 10 episodes and have had many TOS and Next Generation actors join them. They do have a current kickstarter up right now here.

You might like AXANAR too, if you haven't seen it yet. The link is to the 21 minute "Prelude to Axanar".

They all have had kickstarter campaigns and all are very effective with the money they get.
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