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Number format Input instruction
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Number format Input instruction
I have a question about the value presentation (number format) of the input command. It's for me difficult to explain in English, but I will try it.
In home settings I select number format to "engineering".
When I run a program with an input command all values are presented in "standard", not in the selected "engineering" format!!
After inputting a value this value is presented in "engineering".
After running this program for the second time all already inputted values are again presented in "standard"!!
(Local vars declared on the first program row, before BEGIN).
What do I wrong? Or is it a "bug"?

Maybe a question for Tim Wessman?

BTW(1), I use the input instruction as a kind of a little "Scada" system of presentation of both inputted and calculated variables, within a do while. After OK the program's runs again (input returns a "1") after Cancel the program stops (input returns a "0")
The advantage is that you have a direct overview of the inputted and calculated results.

BTW(2), I love my Prime, very fine calculator!

— Dirk Hartland
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