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Copying Spreadsheet Columns
07-09-2015, 12:14 PM
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RE: Copying Spreadsheet Columns
Hi Joe

Thanks for replying.

Thanks for pointing out the 'block cell' selection method. I have tried that and it seems to work ok, but I had hoped to be able to select an entire column form the column header as this is what (I think?) the help files say we should be able to do.

There are times when this is preferable to block selecting just cells, for example when the column contains a lot of data and it's much more convenient to just copy and paste the whole column without scrolling around the screen trying to get a hundred or more items via block select.

I was really just trying to understand why I can't select from column headings given that the instructions say I should be able to.

Can you do this Joe? If you can't either then the instructions are just BS and I'll know not to bother, but if you can and it's just me who can't then either I'm doing something wrong, or there's a problem with my setup.

Thanks again for replying Smile
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