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Copying Spreadsheet Columns
07-14-2015, 08:10 AM (This post was last modified: 07-14-2015 08:30 AM by springer5.)
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RE: Copying Spreadsheet Columns
(07-14-2015 04:38 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote:  Hello,

Well, we DO have an "incorandporate now that it's finish" stage. Usually, it matches up with the next release of the software... so what most people see is that the documentation lacks behind the SW by a release or so.

Most people, given the choice, would you rather have the software as soon as it's completed with a draft documentation or wait ~6 month to have the software and doc in sync :-) (Note that having the SW AND the completed doc immediately is not part of the choices here! :-)


OK. So what you're saying here is that the next update will have the feature?

Either way there's a serious mismatch between HPs 2 departments. Looking at the newer Android emulator, it has some features missing (eg it doesn't have the draw feature in the functions app, it has no compatibility with the connectivity kit etc) and yet these are discussed in the android emulators help files. I can only imagine that the simple operation of deleting a couplr of paragraphs of text prior to release was not done. Instead, the physical calculator instructions were just copied over without any amendment.

It probably would have taken about 10 mins to delete those few paragraphs. There's no excuse for it other than sloppy coordination between departments or, worse, laziness.

I'm not having a go at you. I'm just laying out the facts as I see them.
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