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Copying Spreadsheet Columns
07-15-2015, 10:15 AM (This post was last modified: 07-15-2015 10:24 AM by springer5.)
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RE: Copying Spreadsheet Columns
(07-15-2015 04:49 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote:  Hello,

We did not think about changing the documentation for Android, good catch, thank you!


OK. So will you please be correcting the Android documentation now that you've realised the oversight, so that future purchasers won't have to be confused as I have been?

Please confirm if this will be given the benefit of separate documentation, or at least have comments added to the existing doc wherever things are different.

Or alternatively can you confirm, as you have indicated normally happens anyway, that the next release of the Android update will catch up with the documentation and provide the missing features?

One or the other.

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